Sales and marketing

When starting out a new business, the ideas are all scattered. There is a need for business planning to map out the goals of the business and the periods in which the goals must be achieved. A business plan is necessary for the success of a business whether it is to attract investors or provide direction to the business to proceed in order to achieve its goals.

Business plan

The MIY consultants help you write your own business plan. So that you can process that I which direction your business will go whether it will be in lose or success. There are a few details about the business plan, which are mapped before making the business plan.

  • Executive summary: an overview of the whole business
  • Company description: what the company will do? Which services or products would it provide?
  • Market analysis: research the competitors and the market place.
  • Organization and management: mapping out the structure of the organization.
  • Service or product: the products or services which the business is offering
  • Marketing and sales: how you’ll market your business and your sales strategy
  • Funding request: the money to start and run the business for the next 3 to 5 year.
  • Financial plan: balance sheets, income statement and cash flow system.
  • Appendix: an optional section that includes résumés and permits

It is necessary to know the market place and the needs of the customers for the business to prosper. MIY supports both the B2B and B2C business plans.

Business to Business (B2B)

B2B means “business to business” where one business supplies product or services to another business. It refers to the exchange of services or products among companies. B2B companies focus on the products and services, which save resources, time and money.

Business to Customers (B2C)

B2C means “business to customers” which means the business provides products or services to the individual customers. For example a customer buying a jacket from an online store. B2C focuses on the end consumer and their emotional attachment. What benefits it will provide the individual.

Sales analysis

MIY assists you in managing your sales by making regular sales analysis. The sales reports are analyzed to see which products are sold more in a particular area and discarding those products or services, which have less sales. The analysis of the sales assists the business in analyzing which products give profit to increase the manufacturing capacity of the certain product or service. It also helps to analyses whether the organization is attaining its set goals or not.

Market analysis

Marketing analysis is a measure of the attractiveness as well as the quality of a market in a certain industry. Market analysis gives the information about the trends in the market, market growth, its profitability and what are the factors to succeed.

MIY provides solutions for the business plan and marketing. MIY assists you in managing your sales and paving a path to achieve the goals of your business. Our experienced consultants are at your service to plan out the business plan which will benefit your company and gain more profit. The satisfaction of our customers is our priority.

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