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MIY provides its clients with real estate properties where they can invest. We have realtors who will help you in your sales and purchase of property. Real Estate agents help you find best-suited location and property for you because they have helpful knowledge of the buildings and the neighborhood. We have documentation based on research of the market place. We provide you with statistics and information about the trends in the market and based on your budget we present you with the best options. Our agents’ negotiating skills, purchasing and selling skills and familiarity with the area can prove to be very valuable for you. Paying the rising rents when the income is limited can be very difficult. Owing a property creates an asset for you on which you can rely on in your late years. Investing in real estate has many benefits such as increased cash flow, home appreciation and tax benefits.

We provide you with standard form facility agreements for both investment and development of real estate finance transactions. In an investment facility agreement, a loan facility is provided to a borrower for it to purchase a property. In addition, in development facility agreement a loan facility is provided to a borrower for it to purchase a property (or group of properties) as well as providing funds for the development of the property (or properties).  [1]

Real estate finance transactions could involve finance for commercial real estate, such as offices, shops, industrial buildings etc., to be repaid from the rent received from tenants (known as commercial real estate finance), or blocks of residential real estate which are to be repaid from the sale of individual residential units which is known as residential real estate finance.

We provide you with professional consultants who will be responsible for the design of development such as architects and engineers. For the construction and development of the property, we provide you contractors and the managing agent will overlook all the development. MIY provides you with facilities where you can invest in the real estate and make profit.


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