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To get a job at a well-established firm one must have a professionally made résumé. A résumé is used to secure employment in an organization. It consists of the summary of your professional experiences and lists all your skills. We gather information from you about your background, your skills, education and experience and make résumé, which makes it easier for the employer where you might want to apply. Based on your capabilities mentioned in the résumé the firm related to your field will hire you. Based on your credentials we present you with various job opportunities where you can send your resume. We provide trainings to develop you to perform at your best when you get a job. We provide training facilities to the employees where they can develop their skills and gain more expertise. On receiving the necessary trainings, you will be able to efficiently perform your job. MIY helps to address your weakness and help you take control of them. We take you through tests and trials so that you will learn how to perform in an organization. We strive to ensure that you can compete with your competitors and are employed where you wish.

We train you for interviews of your respective firm. MIY choose the best-suited firms related to your field and hand them out your resumes. Then we prepare you for the interview where the representative of the business will ask you questions. You should be well prepared beforehand; going through mockup interviews will help you perform your best in the real thing.

We present you with questions, which might be asked, and how to answer them. Interview leave quite an impression, therefore we assist you in how you should present yourself. We guide you about your appearance and the attitude, which you should maintain during an interview. We devote ourselves in preparing you in such a way that you can assure your interviewer that you will perform an outstanding job. We arrange seminars for you where we will teach you how you can perform in an interview and get a job.

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